Skamania County Mosquito Control District

Scheduled Date for Adulticiding: The week of July 6, 2009

• Adulticiding is scheduled for West end of District

North Bonneville:
• Adulticiding is scheduled around the city and the old town

Home Valley:
• No adulticiding is scheduled

While adulticiding can be an effective tool and generally provides a certain level of control in a timely manner, it is susceptible to a number of factors. Wind speed (too high), temperatures (too cold or too hot), access (being able to physically drive to areas where the mosquitoes are located) and timing (maximizing mosquito exposure while minimizing exposure to people, pets, etc) are all considerations that can affect the performance of adulticiding. Consequently, these and other factors may prevent us from performing an adulticiding event on any given date/night and in the location that we have listed below.

All adulticiding in the District limits that fall into the Skamania County Mosquito Control District’s jurisdiction are listed below. Control efforts are often performed in non-populated areas to help reduce mosquito populations before reaching people. These sites are not updated on the website.

The vast majority of adulticiding will be conducted around sunset, during nighttime hours and/or possibly early morning (around sunrise).


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