June 5, 2012

The Mosquito Control District has been busy with surveillance, monitoring, and larvacide treatments around the District.  We have noticed many, many tires, buckets, ornamental ponds, plant containers, etc. that are FULL of mosquito larva in area yards. WE NEED YOUR HELP, there are many places around your residence where mosquito breeding can occur.  Anything that holds water for 72 hours or more will probably breed mosquitoes.  The best way for you to combat mosquito breeding around your home is by removing the source.   If source removal is not possible change or empty water holding containers every week.

If you are not able to change/drain or eliminate sources please contact the SCMCD for assistance or other options.  Our contact  information is under the “Contact Us” tab.



Adulticiding Schedule

June 5, 2012

Please note that the adulticiding schedule will be updated weekly as needed for the duration of the mosquito season.  Please click the tab titled “Adulticiding Schedule” for more information.