August 20, 2012

The main focus for the District is to take care of LARGE areas that produce mosquito larva and treat it in the larval state.  We are seeing a GREAT deal of problems that individuals can take care of themselves.  PLEASE, PLEASE check your water features!!!  We are finding a number of these around that are FULL of mosquito larva.  If one mosquito lays 200+ eggs every 5 to 7 days, you are producing a GREAT number of mosquitoes, which will make it MISERABLE around your house and yard.  If you have a water feature and are unsure if it is producing mosquito larva, please contact us and we can come and take a look.  If you water feature is not treated or drained regular they create the PERFECT breeding environment for mosquitoes.  The same applies to the base of planters.

Please take a moment and check these items!!!