May 31, 2016

Please take a few minutes and walk around your yard and house to check for any standing water.  This includes rain water that has filled any planters, buckets, tires, gutters, bird baths, etc.  Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in these areas and these areas typically have quicker hatches as the water warms more quickly.  If you can dump these items, it helps immensely.  The more we limit the standing water breading areas, the less backyard mosquitoes there is.

Thank you, your help is appreciated!


Protection around your home and self

May 11, 2016

Doing and keeping up with the following will help control mosquitoes around your home and yard, which helps protect you.

Protect yourself
Regularly drain standing water from containers such as flowerpots, pet bowls, birdbaths, bucket,  barrels and cans.
— Keep rain gutters clear.
Remove discarded tires and other objects that could catch and hold water.
— Check for puddles around faucets and air conditioners.
— During swimming season, keep pool water circulating and filters running.
— Empty and store wading pools in a dry place after swimming season.
— To avoid bites, keep window screens repaired, place netting over infant carriers and wear long sleeves and long pants

Adulticiding Information

May 11, 2016

As a reminder the adulticiding (fogging) schedule will be posted under the “Adulticiding Schedule” heading on this website.

Please take some time and walk around your yards and or property to check for any standing water.  This can be water in cans, tires, planters , etc.  mosquitoes THRIVE in these areas and MUST have water to lay their eggs in.  We appreciate you doing your part in controlling the mosquitoes/larva in your area.