Winter 2016/2017 and Mosquitoes

December 23, 2016

We are experiencing a winter like we haven’t seen in several years.  Great snow pack in our mountains, which has been much needed.  However, as we end 2016 and begin 2017 what will the winter mean for mosquitoes in our area.  Honestly, it is a little early to assume.  However, in the past when we have had a good snow pack we typically end up with flood water in the spring.  The real challenge will be the amount of run off and when as well as rain fall.  I will keep you posted on this.

I would appreciate all land and home owners to do their part and keep containers empty around their places, especially as we get closer to spring or when the weather warms up.  If you have any questions or need information about mosquito control in and around your home, please email or call me.  My information is on the contact page.