Mosquito Season 2017 will be challenging.  We have had record rainfall and extremely high river levels, which are in flood stages in a lot of areas.  Access points are currently difficult to access due to the amount of debris down from the winter storms and high water.  All this water is shaping up to give us flood water mosquitoes this year.  The District will be working to access and monitor keys areas that have and do create flood water resulting in mosquito hatches.

We are currently seeing some over winter mosquitoes on the few warm days we have had.  Make no mistake these nuisances mosquitoes will be looking for a location to lay eggs.  Of course with all the water they don’t have to look far.  Please take some time and assess your yards for ANYTHING that HOLDS WATER, planters, gutters, buckets, tires (especially tires), toys, and gutters.  These areas are perfect for a mosquito to lay eggs and make your yard miserable.


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